Thursday, December 17, 2015



So during gym (because gym time is a thing yeah?) we were playing kickball... And right near the end of gym time I was up to kick.
So the pitcher pitched.
And I kicked it...
and it landed....

RIGHT IN THE BASKETBALL HOOP ACROSS THE GYM. Holy cow I don't know how it happened but it happened and it was so cool. Everyone in gym then proceeded to lift me in the air and chant "MVP MVP MVP" And it was probably one of the most hilarious and not very humbling moments of my life.
But yeah that's it for this week.

Haaaa Joke-lang.

So let's start kind of from the beginning.
First: Flying in a plane with now music or movies to watch for 17+ hours is possibly the worst thing you could ever do. 10/10 Would not Recommend.
Second: It took all my willpower not to watch the Live Action Attack On Titan movie that was on the TV screen right in front of me on the plane.
Third: Just don't fly for that long without music.

I read scriptures and slept the whole time. It was good, but I could only read for so long without feeling sick so that didn't help.

So we landed in the Philippines and we got to our hotel then on Friday morning we were shipped off to the MTC and here I am now!
The Philippines MTC is so fun. There are people from all over... Like New Zealand, Australia, Guam,.... Utah..... And yeah other places too. Oh and lots of Filipinos. Lots. They're all so cute.

We eat rice every single day. And honestly I'm so fine with that because it doesn't feel any different from home so that's nice.
Okay, this language (Tagalog) is so weird. Everything feels so backwards when I try to speak. And that's when I try to speak because I still don't know a lot. BUT. We're making progress. The Gift of tongues (kaloob ng wika) is a great thing.

OH and my companion is this guy named Elder Mclaughlin from New Zealand? He's great. Love this guy. He's super quiet, but he's so posh and well mannered, so I feel bad he has to share a room with me and two other Utahns. But yeah, love him. He sounds like Mr. Bean, accent and all.

So that's all for now. I'm so grateful to be here and the biggest thing I've learned is just the Missionary Purpose: to invite others to come unto Christ.

Sorry if this was long.

Bye. Much love!

-Elder Ahn

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