Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Alright, are you guys ready for a really weird experience? Holy cow, okay. So to start off, we had exchanges this week, and I was paired up with a new elder, named Elder Cram who is even newer than me. He's been in the field for like a week? And I've been in the field for like 7 weeks? So that was a difficult exchange, but it was also amazing because I was able to fully lead our area and I realized that my progression in teaching and just speaking Tagalog in general has really really increased. So I am eternally grateful for 1: The Gift of Tongues, and 2: For Heavenly Father hearing my prayers and sending me the comfort and strength I needed. Alright so during our exchange, we also met this lady. She was right outside our investigators house and we had just finished teaching.... and right when we walked outside she beckoned us over and starting talking to us and she was saying lots of stuff like "I read the Book of Mormon and I was crying and crying" and "Do you have an English Book of Mormon? Aren't you going to give me an English one?" and "When is my baptism? Aren't you going to baptize me?" So normally this would be happy news right? Because she's expressing interest right? Well wrong, because the Spirit was NOT present there. Everything about the encounter felt very very wrong and she was either drunk or just... not fully there... But it was definitely interesting! And we're still safe here so that's also a good sign right? Haha! Ah, I know. Brad Wilcox and his talk on Grace. Everyone should hear that talk, because it is awesome. He explains grace perfectly, and it helped change my perspective on just how much our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us. They know we're going to make mistakes and they know that we have weaknesses, but through the ultimate expression of love, Jesus Christ atoned for our sins and he makes ALL the difference for us. Well, I think this is all for now! Oh yeah, here are some pictures. I'll try to send more pictures more often... Haha. -Elder Ahn -The Old Narra District before transfers -More Balut. But this time it was older (24 days) so yeah. Bones & feathers and all. -Elder Macanlalay and I because we're awesome.

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