Wednesday, February 3, 2016


So I finally ate balut. Twice.
It's not that bad actually. It tastes like a boiled egg with some chicken-y flavor. But it looks really nasty... so as long as my eyes were closed it was fine.

So this week was just a LOT OF WALKING and a lot of OYM-ing (Open Your Mouth and sharing our unique message). I'm trying my best to open my mouth more, but you know. Language barrier. Bahahahaha this language is nuts sometimes. But i really do love learning it and speaking it, even if I sound like an idiot.
I really want to get to know our investigators and members more but it's a little difficult not knowing a ton of Tagalog or knowing HOW THIS GRAMMAR WORKS but i know that it will just come in time. At least that's what everyone keeps saying so we will see. Haha!

We got quite a few new investigators last week! Like around 8-ish. Out of the 8, only one came to church yesterday, but hey! It's still progress. And then one of our Less Active members that we've been teaching came to church so that was great too! Now we just need to keep them coming to church!
Hmmm. Ah! Nanay Angelita!
Oh, so in the Philippines, "Nanay" is "mom" and "Tatay" is "dad", and so they just address adults like that. Nanay and tatay.
Anyway, yeah Nanay Angelita is a Recent Convert, like 70+ and awesome. She's just so happy and she always greets us and listens with this warm smile and her love for the Gospel is so prevalent. Haha Elder Macanlalay and I love her.

Hm. Sad story.
So two little girls with baptismal dates, the Ancheta Sisters, now are no longer getting baptized because their grandmother won't allow it. So that really hit us hard this week, but all is well. We're praying for their lola to soften her heart and allow them to get baptized.

Oh yeah. I wash my clothes by hand with a brush and some buckets. So that's fun too.
Um um um..... Yeah I think that's all that comes to mind.
I'm still alive. All is well.
Mahal ko po kayo!

-Elder Ahn

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