Thursday, February 11, 2016


Sister Ostler, the Mission President's wife, really likes music and she likes violinists.... and so during our interview I was like "Hey I play violin" and she was like "Wow awesome! You're going to be playing violin for us a lot!" and now I have the mission violin in my room and I have the privilege of practicing a lot of the music she sent with it and I am so happy.
There are two universal languages: The language of the Spirit, aaaaand music.

So this week had its ups and downs. But everything turned out fine in the end.
This week was as usual, lots of teaching and trying to talk to people, and actually we had like 3 dinner appointments. We walk a lot everyday, but holy cow the amount of rice people eat here is insane, and it's going to take it's toll on my body sooner or later.

We taught A LOT of new investigators this week and we got many baptismal dates! Out of all our investigators: one came to church. A little discouraging, but hey it's progress!
What else what else.

Okay I can't really think of a whole lot that happened this week, but I do remember this.
So we had exchanges this week and I was leading our area as a 4-week old missionary, and I got discouraged because we taught no lessons that day. So that night, I prayed with sincerity and just asked for help and comfort because that day kicked my butt and all my feelings of inadequacy hit me like a truck.
Then the next day was AWESOME. I felt like I was able to share a lot more in Tagalog than I had before, and that day we had a lot of lessons and lots of baptismal date commitments and it was great.

So yeah. Pray with sincerity. It helps.

Aaaaand that's all for now!
Love you!

-Elder Ahn

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