Friday, August 12, 2016

Little Miracles

So lately I've been trying to notice the little miracles and just the little things that the Lord does to guide us in our work everyday.. whether it be in studies, or it be outside proselyting... and I can definitely say that the Lord is ALWAYS guiding us as missionaries. Wait, correction: If we're being obedient and doing what we should be doing, he will always guide us.

Little examples:

Last night: as we were walking back to our apartment, there were these two girls walking next by, so we started talking to them. Turns out, they're actually from Coron, a small island right next to Palawan, and I was like "What are you doing here?" and they were like "Just vacationing" and I was like "Have you met missionaries like us before in Coron?" and they were like "Yeah! They totally invited us to go to church and we went to church there and stuff!" And it turns out that they're returning back to Coron tomorrow, so I told them if they see the missionaries again, they should invite them in and also that they should go to church again there. So yeah... We were tired and on our way home, and we could have just walked past them and not paid any attention, but the Spirit prompted us to talk to them. Hopefully, they follow our invitation to them.

Generally this last week: There are a couple families that we are teaching where the father is always gone... making it hard for us to teach them all.... but this last week, all the times we stopped by, the father/husband was there! WOOT! Little miracles.

And Highlight of the Week: So we visited a member who "just ain't doin' so hot" physically.... she has high blood and her body is weak, etc. Anyway, we dropped by and she asked for a blessing, and I had the opportunity to give the blessing to her. After the blessing, she looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said that the things I said in the blessing were things written in her Patriarchal Blessing. So that was another little miracle and wonderful experience.

Well I think that's it.
I'm not sick anymore (yaaaaaay).
I'm getting so bad at English (yaaaaaay)
I ate like 5 balut this week (yummmmmy)
Because everyone in the apartment is Filipino, we have rice for every meal so I'm totally getting chunky (NOOOOO) But all is well, more motivation to burn the fats.

Yeah for the Pioneers.

Alright. Mahal ko kayo.

-Elder Ahn

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