Friday, August 12, 2016

No More Americans/Food Poisoning

And no more Koreans.... just kidding, i'm the only Korean in this mission. I think.

But yeah so our "bahay" (house) has 3 Filipinos then meeeee the only foreigner! But it's all good. Because it's super fun and they're all good at cooking so we all good here.
First off: So my companion is not Elder Zacarias. Apparently he is going home due to medical issues. But i'm still finishing the training of a new missionary, and his name is Elder Jovita! This guy is a fireball. super super happy, super super awesome. His last trainers were zone leaders.... so I feel suuuuper inadequate. Hopefully I can help him in some way. I'll do my best.

Random other thing: So remember how my trainer a.k.a my first companion was Elder Macanlalay? HA We're in the same house now! It's so fun seeing this goober again... I missed the guy.

So yeah food poisoning.
Or something.
Not quite sure... All I know is that last Saturday, I started the day fine, then by the end of the day my stomach was turning inside-out. That night I got like no sleep and made frequent trips to the bathroom. but I'm recovering so I should be 100% again within the next 2 days or so. :)

So awesome stuff! This last sunday we had a good number of investigators attend church and it was awesome! Very very excited to see their progression. The Lord has definitely prepared them because they're truly searching for the truth. If they keep up on commitments, they'll definitely find what they've been searching for.

Twas a good week. Sorry i like, never send pictures. I'll try to send some next week haha.
The Lord's kingdom is growing rapidly here in the Philippines and nothing will stop the growth of his kingdom around the world.
The work will only move forward! And I feel so blessed to be a part of this great and marvelous work, along with all my fellow missionaries around the world.
The Church is true.

-Elder Ahn

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