Monday, May 2, 2016


Hi Family.
Internet is really slow so it's hard to get a decent email in while also trying to send a letter to President Ostler and do all these other things... yeah.

So I emailed Umma, but I'll just tell you all again.
I'll be calling Sunday evening! So don't be busy then. Because I know how badly you want to hear my voice ha ha ha ha ha mhm.
Anyway, I'm very exacted to talk to you all and update you on whats been going on here. I hope I won't dissapoint. XD

Anyway, I'm making this a short one because there isn't a lot of time. And internet is still slow. Sorry.

But the work is still moving forward, slowly but surely here. The Lord is at the head.
Take care until Sunday! Love you!

-Elder Ahn

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