Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Umma I Love You!

Mothers day! What a happy day! Yesterday.
Umma I always talk about how adorable you are and how you're 5 ft. and how much I love you. So I think everyone here knows that I love my mom.
Don't worry Appa, I love you too. You and your strange garden in the backyard.
But family it was so good to see your faces! I'm so glad you're all doing well and I think I'm glad that things are pretty much the same there? Haha!
YoungTai and TJ, I'm glad that "FAKE" will soon be a part of our family. It warms my heart. -_- You're the worst. Love you.
Mia, congrats, like really. I'm so glad you made it into the Illustration program and that your hard work has paid off! Don't drown too much in your art.
HyunTai, don't watch too many movies! Haha just kidding, do what you want. Movies are great. And keep learning at NES (?)!
IanTai, don't drown too much in tests. And I hope you'll actually be able to communicate in Korean when you guys go there. Best of luck!
OH Yeah and about those mangoes.....
Sayang yung mangoes. Or it's a flippin waste.
So Elder Zeyer has been the one who usually goes outside and picks the mangoes, but he started getting these weird rashes all over his body from from the mangoes, so he can't pick the mangoes anymore and the rest of us either don't have time or are too lazy to go out and pick the mangoes, so now we have lots of fallen, broken mangoes sitting in our backyard. SAYANG.
Oh well, mangoes seem to be in an unlimited supply here so I think I'll survive.

So I can't recall anything out of the usual from this week.. so hopefully I'll have more stories next week.
But I would like to share this! So yeah, I finished the Book of Mormon a few days ago and I had the chance to do some good pondering and thinking on it... and honestly I can just say that it all makes sense. The Book of Mormon perfectly supports the Bible. It is literally another testament of Christ, and there is absolutely no way that it could be just some made up book. Jeffrey R. Holland talked about how no good man would create such a book with the intent to destroy, and no evil man could possible create such a beautiful book. The Book of Mormon HAS TO BE and IS and inspired work that was destined to come forth at this time.
It's just like what it says in PMG... The Message of the Restored Gospel could be true, or it could be not true. But if it is true, then that means Joseph Smith was a true prophet, that means he saw God the Father and Jesus Christ, and that means that through him, the true church, The Church of Jesus Christ, was restored to the earth in these Latter Days. And the Book of Mormon is a shining light that proves this.
So that's what I want to share. The Book of Mormon is so awesome, and everyone ought to read it.
Not just read it, but study it with real intent.

Anyway, I'm out of time.
Mahal ko kayo! God is Good!

-Elder Ahn

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