Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I'll make this a quick one. Sorry, I've done a lot of quick ones lately. Ha.

Random stuff....
So once upon a time, Elder Cortez and I were walking down the street and to our right, we saw this kid wearing a red power ranger costume (mask included) from head to toe just chilling in front of his house. Then later than same day... we walked by that house again, and the kid was still there. Same position, same costume, just chilling. I'd like to think he was on a mission to guard his house or something. Anyway, that kid is a legend.

More random.
Cockroaches are a normal pest in the house. And I found a big one in the bathroom yesterday, but it was on it's back and it was still alive. So naturally I got rubbing alcohol and a match and had a little bit of fun... Hopefully his friends won't be returning soon because holy cow they're annoying.

So yeah, i have bad news, and good news....
So one of our investigators that we've been teaching for like, a month and a half, started to avoid us and has started to literally hide from us, so that was extremely discouraging because we had to drop her... Not going to lie, that was a frustrating evening.
But BLESSINGS! One of our "golden investigators", the Augustin family, came to church this week! Some of their relatives are members too, so they also have some solid support here in the church! I'm so excited to see how their progression goes. I know that if they diligently seek and search with real intent, they will definitely find.

Anyway, that's all I have to report. Sorry, not a lot... And I keep saying that I'm going to put pictures, but then I don't, so. Yeah. One of these days. Hyehhyehhyeh.
Love you so much, and keep moving forward with a steadfastness of faith! Don't give up because that's what the adversary wants! Don't give him what he wants. Keep looking up. :)

-Elder Ahn

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