Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Rainy season! YES.
So apparently in the main land, when it's the rainy season it really floods the streets to the point where your walking waist-high in brown water (yum).
But here in Narra it doesn't really flood all that much (or maybe not yet.) so it's great! The rain here is ridiculously heavy, but the heavy rain only lasts about an hour. Or at least that has been the record so far. I think this is just the beginning.

Anyway, this week has been filled with lots of craziness as usual. We've been struggling to keep our teaching appointments shorter, because holy cow our investigators are extremely talkative. We love them so much, but wow, we ask them one question then they go on a 30 minute tangent and we eventually just have to cut them off because we really have to try to make it to our next appointment.
Nonetheless, they're great and we still love them.

I'll share a quick experience:
So one of our investigator families is the Labios family. Man they're so great. They understand all the doctrine and they have a firm belief and they're so kind and loving... buuuuut they struggle with the whole "acting" thing, so that's what we've bee trying to help them with. The main thing for them is church; they haven't come to church yet. So in our last teaching appointment with them, it was my turn to share and I just shared a brief testimony and lovingly chastised them, pretty much just saying "Hey, as missionaries we can say all these things, we can invite you to do these things, but we can't force you. You need to take action yourself" but in a more loving manner. Anyway, as I was sharing, the Spirit was very strong; I felt it, Elder Cortez felt it, and I know they felt it. It was just an overwhelming feeling of absolute love for that family. They have been the center of lots of our prayers here as a companionship, and I know that even if they don't quite fully accept these things now, the Lord will still provide a way for them to hear the Gospel again and hopefully accept it. They already have like at least 10 Book of Mormon's (Book's of Mormon???) so they better be reading those sometime.

Anyway, this is kind of all I have to share. The bigger news is yet to come. Transfers are just around the corner and Elder Cortez keeps saying that he thinks I'll end up training.... Haaaaaaa ha ha ha. Ha. So we'll see.

Love you! Mahal ko kayo! Kasama ang Panginoon, walang imposible.

-Elder Ahn

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