Monday, June 26, 2017

A Prophet, Seer, and Revelator - Feb 28, 2017

So super cool.

First off, sorry I didn't email last week. I'll say it again. I'm terrible.

But yeah. So.
ELDER BEDNAR VISITED OUR MISSION. AH. It was so cool! He's such a wise, witty, and bold man! I learned so much!

So I'll start from the beginning.
We were all gathered in the gym getting ready to take a picture with the whole mission and the Bednars... so while we waited for them to arrive, we started singing hymns. As we were entering the chorus of "We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet", the Bednars walked in and wowie. You know how sometimes people say, "...and the Spirit entered the room..." Well. Yeah that's pretty much what happened. After we took the picture, we moved to the Chapel and started the meeting off by singing our mission song, "A Marvelous Work", and once again, I can only describe the experience as Hymn #2 describes: "The Spirit of God like a fire is burning..."
I only teared up a little bit.
Anyway, throughout the meeting we discussed many things along the topics of being an agent, not being acted upon, learning by Faith, what Faith is, Missionary Work, the concept of time in respect with Eternity, etc. Lot's of REALLY GOOD stuff.
What stood out to me the most was how the Spirit was constantly confirming to me that Elder Bednar truly is an Apostle; a man who has been called of God to serve and guide His Church. Like literally, during the entire meeting I could just hear the Spirit telling me "Hey. You see that guy up there? He's a Prophet, Seer, and Revelator," and I was like "Yeeeeah he is." Out of all the things I learned at that meeting, the Spirit that I felt is definitely what I'll never forget.

So yeah. That happened. It was awesome.
What else happened these last two weeks...
Well. We spent a lot of time at home the last few days because Elder Webster got sick on Saturday. That poor boy. We were sitting in the office and he was all wrapped up in a strange blanket cocoon in the darkness by his desk and other missionaries coming in were like "Hey you okay back there?" and he managed to kind of groan out "I'm fine. Don't look at me." That was fun.

Well. I can't think of much else that really happened that's worth mentioning.

So here's a picture of a heart because I love you all so much. And because I never said Happy Valentines Day.

But seriously. Check this out. Heart Stoplight. SO COOL. I'm expecting clovers this next month.

Love you all! Mahal ko kayo lahat! Lagi kayo magingat sa lahat ng ginagawa niyo sa buhay!

-Elder Ahn

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