Monday, June 26, 2017

So That I Don't Break My Promise... - Feb 10, 2017

Remember when I promised that I would email every week?
Well. Here's a quickie so that I can live up to that promise..
IT'S BEEN SUCH A CRAZY WEEK. LIKE HOLY COW. I might even throw in some pictures. ;D

I'll send pictures in my next email. I'll send another one on Monday. I just haven't had the time this last week to email so I'm sending this one now.
So why has it been so crazy you ask?
BECAUSE TRANSFERS. And when you're in the office, transfers is one of the most chaotic events you will ever experience. Just a whole lot of driving and managing and trying to boot all the Elders and Sisters out with their companions.

Yeah. I have a lot of stories, but I think I'll send them to you either in voice, or I'll write it in lots of detail when I have time. :) Like last week? Ha. Once upon a time, Elder Webster and I blew over 20,000 Pesos in one day and ran around 3 different malls in Metro Manila searching for OFF Lotion. That was a fun adventure. But like I said... I'll spare you the details for now and tell you another day. XD

Anyway, just want you to know that I'm still alive. All too often, I feel very inadequate and weak at my task because I feel like there is so much that needs to get done, but sometimes I just can't with the allotted time...
Then I remember that I'm not here to accomplish every task perfectly, but rather to just do my best and use what talents the Lord has blessed me with. It's so funny. I think about it all the time... Yeah, you serve a mission in order to help the work move forward and call people to repentance and baptize converts... but I think the main lesson that we're all supposed to learn is just how we can't do anything without God's help. So often I find myself acknowledging my complete dependence on Him, and He helps me through it. For example.... this last week. Transfers. So. Flippin'. Hectic. I can not even describe it. There was just so much to do. But somehow, I was able to make it through without too many things falling through the cracks, AND I EVEN GOT SICK TOO. Like. Haha.... It really shouldn't be possible, but the Lord really does provide.
I'm not good with words. Or just expressing myself effectively. Maybe it's because my English has deteriorated during my time here. But yeah, Heavenly Father really loves each and every one of us and just wants the best for us, whether it be through providing us with desired needs or through loving chastening (I've had plenty of that ha).

Love you all! Not a day goes by where I don't think of you! Take care and serve others!

-Elder Ahn

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