Monday, June 26, 2017

It'll All Be Worth It. - 12/18/16

So you know how we have our Mission Christmas Choir? And how it's completely wrecking us? Yeah. But it's been so fun and we've had so many amazing opportunities!
Yes, like no one has been able to get any adequate proselyting time in.. But it's all been worth it!

The last few days have been crazy with coordinating for exchanges and getting the missionaries around to the Choir Performances. It's honestly all been a big blur. AND WE AIN'T E'EN DONE YET. We still have like two more performances. But so far, we've sung at 2 different City Halls, 2 different Stake Firesides, and we performed at a really really big mall. Wowie. But yeah, we're killin' it. Of course we don't sound anything NEAR professional, but we're able to spread the Spirit of Christmas through music and we've been able to talk to a lot of awesome people and families who are interested to hear the message that we have to share.

So random story.
Yesterday I had to drive to a chapel like 20 minutes away from the office. On Google maps it was like "travel time: 23 min." and that's a complete lie because THIS IS THE PHILIPPINES. Always add at least 30min.-1hr. to travel because traffic here is something else.
Anyway, I was transporting a group of us choir members to this chapel... but we kinda got a little lost.. And wound up driving around all these tiny tiny alleyways in a huge mission van... then we got stuck at the top of this little hill because it was a dead end.... and I had to do like a 30 point turn to get out of there.... it was bad. Then on the way home, we got lost again and finally got to the office around like 10:00 PM. Yeah. It's still a learning process navigating here.

Hummmm........ Yeah that's it.
OH. Two weeks ago, one of our investigators came to church and we were like "WHAT??!" because we've literally had like NO time to proselyte so it was such a huge blessing that he came. We really need to get back there.

Well I can't think of much else. Like I said, the last two weeks have been a huge blur.
Well, to end this one I'd just like to share a little bit from President Ostler's email to us missionaries this week:

The Law of the Harvest is simple and there are several ways to express it:

"You harvest what you plant."

"You reap what you sow."

"You get what you give."

So there you have it folks. If we want something, we work to get it. If you want your life to be awesome and happy, you work it get it. You won't get immediate results, but the blessings will ALWAYS come, "100% of the time" if we're willing to pay the price.
Our God is a generous and loving God.

Sige, ingat kayo lahat. Pasensiya nalang na hindi ako nag-email. I'll try my best not to miss another week of emailing. XD

-Elder Ahn

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