Monday, June 26, 2017


So once upon a time, we watched the World Wide Missionary Broadcast for the year of 2017 yesterday... and the changes are crazy!
P-Days. We have SO MUCH MORE TIME TO DO STUFF. Super blessing.
Regular Missionary Schedule. We go out at 10:00 and pretty much just schedule in everything how we feel to be best... then 9:00 we get home, settle down, then restart. IT'S CRAZY.
ALSO. Key Indicators. Reporting. There are only.... 4. OH MY GOODNESS.
I don't know if you're all following along with this. But IT'S INSANE. P-Day started this morning at 8:00!! That's like a whole 3-4 extra hours to get stuff done! WOOT.
Mmk. I'm done. But yeah. super cool.

So yeah how are you family? Sorry i've been dead for the past month! I'm the worst. I've been really busy in the office. Just listen to my audio logs and you'll get a good idea of what's been happening. kinda.

Um let's see. So.... what's been happening....
I guess I'll talk about the area! The work is going super good right now. It's so amazing how the Lord blesses us so abundantly, even when we don't get the same proselyting hours as the regular missionaries. Everyday, we're supposed to get out by 4:00 PM to work... so that's like. 4 and 1/2 hours of work a day including dinner right? So that's like... not a lot of time. 
We have this awesome investigator named Albert Palencia. He's a referral from the STAKE PRESIDENT. The other Elders in the district were teaching him before, then they realized that he's actually in our area and it'd be easier for us to teach him, so now we have him! AND HE'S AWESOME. Like literally every lesson, we don't even teach. We ask a question.... and he talks.... and pretty much teaches us. And we back up what he's saying and just kind of direct him the right way.... and it's super good. Like literally everything he says could not be more perfect. He's so going to get baptized and enjoy all these blessing that are just waiting for him. HAHA YES!

Another investigator: Rico Cabatbat. HE'S SO COOL. We haven't taught him too much... but he's so solid. He's honestly searching for the truth with real intent and he totally reads the assignments we give to him.. Man. He's just really solid. He wants to be taught first, and then possibly get baptized first as well before his family follows him so that his family can see his good example and see the change happening within him... then he says that we can teach his family. I'm so excited about him. We need to teach him more.

Random happenings:
Earlier we watched Ephraim's Rescue. It's super good. You should all watch it. It would make a good sunday movie.

I just ate a slice of butterscotch flavored bread. It was surprisingly good.

Hmmm..... yeah. days are very sporadic here. I'll let you know more in audio logs or somethin'.

I just want to apologize again for not emailing you all. Know that I love you with all my "puso" and I miss your faces, but not too much because being a missionary is pretty great. XD

BTW still waiting on the package. Maybe it was eaten by rats. Who knows.

Anyway, hey love you! Take care!

-Elder Ahn

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