Monday, June 26, 2017

Just An Update - April 10, 2017

Well hey there.
It’s been a while.
Soooooo update!
I don’t know if I’ve told ya’ll about Albert. So I will now tell you about Albert. Albert is fantastic.
You know when people talk about those investigators who are super duper prepared to receive the Gospel and they just absorb and learn everything AND change everything? Albert is that guy.
So how did we meet him? Once upon a time, our Stake President gave referred him to the other Elders in our district... but then they found out that Albert lives in our area! So we ended up teaching him instead.
Honestly, most of the time it feels like Albert is teaching us. In lessons, we ask him a question… then he continues to give a long explanation on what “he think” and like 99% of what he “thinks” or understands the doctrine to be… is right. Never have I seen an investigator who understands the Gospel so well so quickly.
We hit a small rough spot with him though just a few weeks ago. We were teaching him about the Word of Wisdom and explained that coffee is one of the substances that we are commanded not to partake of. This came as a shock to him since… well… he drank coffee to stay up late to finish projects for work sometimes. We explained that we would have to move his Baptismal Date by just 2 weeks in order for him to be clean from coffee for a month. Well... he was a little disappointed about that. But he did not give up! The next time we taught him, we followed up on the coffee and he was like “Some of my friends were like… offering me coffee and stuff and tempting me, but I told them I couldn’t” and we were like “Yeah go Albert! Keep on punching Satan in the face!”
And then…. Just this last weekend, we watched General Conference. But he couldn’t go because of work, and he was panicking a little bit haha. He called us and was like “ELDERS. I promise President Arzaga that I’d go to church… and I also told you that I would, but now I can’t…. and I still want to be baptized next Saturday…. What do I do?!” So we just kind of reassured him that things would work out and that he will still be baptized on Saturday… Haha it was a stressful exchange in the moment, but I chuckle when I look back on it.
And now we’re at the present. We’re trying to schedule his interview tonight, and we’re shooting for his baptism to be this coming Saturday, April 15th.
So what is the moral of the story…
1.       God loves His children and will always provide a way for them to accept the Gospel and receive the blessings that He has in store for them. Why? Because He wants them to return to His presence.
2.       Blessings are reaped when you give your all and do your best.
Being in the office wrecks us sometimes because we don’t get optimal proselyting time. Even so, the Lord has really made up the difference. Elder Webster and I have tried with the best of our ability to get out to work when we can… and the Lord has blessed us because of it. He’s blessed us with the chance to teach Albert and witness his growth and progression. He continually blesses us by giving us little experiences to let us know that He’s there and watching out for us; and that applies to everyone.
So yup, I’ll send some pictures next time probably. Maybe. Haha no promises. I’m terrible with sending pictures. Sorry.
Well, this is all I feel like sharing right now. I wish I could share more about the fun adventures of the Mission Office like frantically buying 100 bottles of OFF lotion or transporting missionaries in a van for 7 hours or moving over 30 mattresses around the mission in the span of 3 days… but alas. There is a time and a season for all things. He he he he he.
Love you all. Mahal ko kayo lahat.

-Elder Ahn

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