Monday, June 26, 2017

'Murica. - 11/20/16

It's hard to focus on what I'm emailing when I have K-pop blasting in the background. Man.
So let's see.
So the baptism of Dorian is still scheduled for this upcoming Saturday and we are excited! So is he. But wow it's been difficult coordinating things with his mother... she's the only member in the family right now and she just. I... I don't know. She tries to speak English? And then she also tries to speak Tagalog? But either way she just doesn't make sense? Like she's one of those people who likes to complicate saying something that could be said/done very simply. Example: I got the apple. Her: I tactfully acquired the red fruit hanging from the big green plant etc etc. You get it. She's a handful. But we're just happy to finally get her child baptized. wowie.

Also transfers happened.... AND I didn't transfer. Neither did Elder Petersen. We're still rockin' it over here in Manila. Ha this area really is such a handful, but I feel like it really is just this big field and we're just planting and nurturing and organizing bit by bit until it will grow into this big awesome field full of beautiful souls to bring back into the merciful arms of our Savior!

Rolando Passe didn't come to church again.... so yesterday (Sunday) we went to teach him and he expressed how he really wants to come to church, but his boss always calls him at the most inconvenient of times to work. NO. SILLY BOSS. Stahp. We're just really praying and hoping that he'll be able to come to church again. He's reading and searching for the truth and really likes what he is finding from the "Mormons" so that's a good sign.

Random thing: WE ARE ALL AMERICAN IN OUR HOUSE (hence the title). IT'S SO WEIRD. I get home and we're all just these 4 goobers from Utah talking about all this stuff that we all understand. It's funny. My language ability is sure to drop a few notches during this transfer.

Well I can't thing of much else at the moment. I'll send more next week hopefully.
Oh yeah. I tripped stepping off the curb the other day and I rolled my ankle. Nothing bad. Just hurts a bit. I just really felt dumb the rest of the day because I was just limping around like "Hey I wanna teach you." yeah.

Enjoy some pictures. Love you all!

-Elder Ahn


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