Monday, July 11, 2016

I'm Transferring.

And I still don't know where! HA. 
I literally found out like an hour ago, and the zone leaders will inform me tomorrow I think.
So that's that.
Anyway, it was an interesting week! I think.
Random thing: So Filipinos are SUUUUUPER hospitable people, so if they're outside eating or drinking, and you walk by them.. they say "Uminom na tayo!" or "Kain na tayo" meaning, "lets drink!" or "Let's eat!" Ha it's awesome. Of course we have to turn them down, but still. It's interesting. For example, two nights ago, some people outside their house were like "Ah, shots!" and we were like "meeeh we're okay, but thanks!"

So the Augustin's!
They didn't go to church the last two weeks..... Nooo...... but the first week they had an interesting reason. So a lady from "Iglesia ni Cristo" has been visiting them occasionally as well and that sunday, as the Augustin's were getting ready to leave to come to OUR church, this lady shows up and literally started crying and was telling them that they HAD to attend their church.... so to appease this pitiful woman's plea, they attended there. Aaaand the Augustin's didn't reallly like that.
So cool!

Sorry I didn't mean to send that.

So yesterday, they didn't come to church because.... they were tired on saturday and didn't wake up on time on sunday (dang it).
But I think they'll be alright, because their understanding of the Gospel and their desire to folloow the commandments and the example of Jesus Christ is so strong. They're just awesome.

We also taught a new investigator yesterday who has been investigating perviously in another area here on Palawan, and she happened to move here to Narra! Yesterday we taught her and she was extremely emotional... so she's been having problems with her husband lately, and she wasn't sure if she should keep investigating the church here in Narra, but the night before she said that she was reading the Book of Mormon and she was praying and listening to hymns, and she decided to come to church. I think she said that she received a text from her husband and he said that he could drop her off at church, so she came to church. Then she said that the first talk was an answer to her prayers, and it was on the topic of Enduring to the End.
Her situation is hard, but she has strong faith and she has strong support from some of her siblings, so we're hoping for the best for her. The Spirit is really helping and comforting her, so we are so grateful for that.

Um I think this is all I have time to share. Or this is all that comes to mind.
Well, we're moving on to the next chapter. I might transfer to the mainland, or I might transfer to another area here on Palawan. We'll see. XD

Much love! Ingat kayo!

-Elder Ahn

I held that spider. I almost died.
Elder Cortez's glorious face.
The Elder's here think that my last name is fun.

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