Monday, July 11, 2016

Another Good Week and BAPTISM

I don't know what else to put as a title. I need to keep a better track of what happens in the week. Because so much random stuff happens all the time.

Anyway, one of our investigators, Mitch, entered the waters of baptism. YES.
She has such a strong testimony, especially on the topic of repentance. She made a mistake in the past, and people kept telling her (friends, family, etc.) that she would never be able to repent of what she did. Ouch. But now she knows that all can change. Clean slates, new starts, everything is possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. And she understands that. It's awesome.

Hm. Random thing:
Like I said before, the kids here are hilarious. There's this group of at least 5-6 kids that run to us everytime we walk by... and they all grab on to Elder Leota and call him "DADDY DADDY". Ha it looks and just sounds really weird..... but I just laugh at him. He's great.
Oh  yeah, Elder Leota is the man. Did I mention that before? He's awesome.

To be honest, it was just another good week in the Lord's field. This work is moving forward little by little, and it won't be complete until everyone has heard the gospel in their own tongue, hence, we have missionaries. Yay for missionary work!
Oh yeah, this Tagalog thing has finally clicked in for me. I can finally have conversations and just talk to people without worrying about what I need to conjugate or what the meaning of this or that is. It feels so nice. This box that I've been in has finally opened up.
Of course my language is not perfect and I still have a lot to learn, but my confidence has increased and the trust of members and other people is definitely there because I am able to communicate with them in their own tongue.
The Gift of Tongues is real people. No jokes.

This about concludes what I have to say.
I'll end by sharing a short passage from something I read the other day. It's called the Ricciardi Letter. It's a letter containing a bunch of experiences that an "Elder Humphrey" had on his mission in England, and all that he learned from his experiences. Especially with his trainer, Elder Ricciardi. If you ever get the change, google it or something.... It's amazing.

But I'd like to share this passage that helped me this week. This especially applies when faced with rejection or discouragement.

"The mission experience is to do what you are told, when you are told, to go where you are asked, and know that the blessing comes from enduring what I ask of you. This is not about you, it is about opening your mouth at all times in all places. Doing my (the Lord) will without thought to the end result or consequence... this is what serving a mission is."
Success on a mission is not measured by the baptisms. It's not measured by the numbers.
Rather, it's measured by our obedience to the Lord; to keep going and to keep giving it your all, even when you feel like the work is going no where. The mission is like a test: a test to see if when faced with adversity and discouragement, that you will still go about preaching the Gospel to all people.
It's an awesome letter. You should all read it.

Well, Until next week.
Mahal ko kayo.
-Elder Ahn

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