Monday, July 11, 2016


Well I finally got transferred.... tooooo the city! The area is Paranaque, or that's the name of the city I'm in.
I feel like I'm in a completely different mission. This place is so confusing.

Some Random Stuff:
The kids here are really funny... They all like giving us high fives, and the other day, my new companion Elder Leota got them all to start chanting his name. Imagine two missionaries walking down a crowded street with a group of 20-30 children chanting a Samoan's name. Yeah. It was pretty funny.
Oh yeah, Elder Leota is Samoan. He's super cool and crazy crazy nice.

More random.... so some kids were doing flips onto an old mattress outside and we went to go talk to them, and so just for fun I decided to show them a quick easy flip. That was fun. Later that night, some of the kids were asking me to teach them more and I was like "nah I can't, I don't know anything".

Spiritual experience!
So one of our investigators asked for a priesthood blessing because she was feeling sick. When I consecrated the oil and laid my hands on her head, I felt this immense, but peaceful power, and a sure faith that she would get better. Later that day, the member who was also there at the blessing told me that the investigator said that she felt "power" when we gave her that blessing, so hey. Priesthood power and priesthood blessings. Pretty awesome.

Well, I'm not familiar with the area and neither am I familiar with the ward or our investigators... but I'm so excited to see what will happen in the next few weeks. We have a baptism next week and we have a lot more planned for later this month!

This church is true. The book is blue.

-Elder Ahn

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