Monday, July 11, 2016


So one of the members (who is also preparing to enter the temple with his family) is totally a rapper. His "rapper name" is "Brother Ammon", and he wrote a rap about missionaries. And I now have it on my flashdrive (YES). Ah it makes me so happy.

Other things from the week:

ZONE CONFERENCE! Those are always lot's of fun! We received training from President and Sister Ostler and the AP's. Twas a spiritually fulfilling and uplifting experience. Every time we have meetings like that, I just want to be like Dan Jones and tell everyone "I'MMA COMIN' TO TOWN TOMORROW AND Y'ALL ARE GON' BE CONVERTED." But sadly it's not that simple sometimes. Either way, it was nice seeing the other missionaries and being together and knowing that all of us are 1 in purpose.

We had another baptism this last week! And now they are a completed family! Sister Tanola has been investigating the church (and actually going to church) for like 10 years.... and countless missionaries have taught her. I just feel blessed that I happened to be in the area at the time she got baptized, because it was definitely the work of all the past missionaries and the spirit working with her these past years to bring her where she is today. They're an awesome family.

I think this is all that comes to mind.

It was a good week! I know this upcoming week will also be a good week.
Mahal ko kayo!

-Elder Ahn

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