Monday, July 11, 2016

Family History

Hey, I'd like to request information on... well first, both of you.
But then I'd also like information on my grandparents and even great grandparents if we have that info.

Also, Appa! Do you know my Priesthood Lineage??

Thankyou so much! Love you!

Oh yeah, I bought kimchee at the store and it didn't taste good. I'm sad.

Love you love you love you!

-The best Son you've ever had (hahahahah) Elder Ahn

I requested the priesthood lineage to the Church office. I will send it to you as I receive it.

Love you,

Grandfather life:

He was bone in July 12, 1933 (Lunar calendar) as the first child in Korea during WW II.
Korea was liberated from the colonization of Japan when he was in the second year of an elementary school.

He went to a traditional school (서당) for about three years because there was no formal schools after the liberation.
He had learned Chinese characters and literatures at the traditional school.
He shared one instance that his parents had to provide many bales (가마니) which were made out of rice straws manually by certain deadlines.
During Japan annexation of Korea, they took rice, wood and all other precious mine materials to Japan.

Korean war took place when he was the fifth year of the elementary school. Korean war lasted about three years with war casualties, 2.5 million people killed and wounded. During the war, communist people came to grandparents’ house (복흥리) and stole a big pig, 133 pound weight big pig.
Raising a pig was like a saving account to get better off for the family at that time. After all, the whole village, including his house, was burn down and had to find a different shelter for a while. I heard that great grandfather was so depressed and stressed by the lost big pig and war distress that he got sickness and he passed away eventually.

His father passed away when he was 19 years old. He became the head of the family at that time.
He was married at age 23 years old and he had to do mandatory military service for three years at age 26 years old (1958, April 10 to 1961 April) even after he was married. When he was discharged from the military, he had managed farming works, taking care of his mother and his siblings at 복흥리. He had lived there until 1979 Spring, then the family moved to Seoul, Korea to provide better educational opportunities for his children.

He was really interested in Ahn family genealogies and family records. He purchased Ahn family genealogy books (Five volumes) for me when I left Korea to go to America for my education. He said that “you are going to America and you will start a new Ahn family branch in America. You will be a founder of Ahn family in America”. The genealogy books were expensive purchases for him but he just did it for me. I was young at that time and did not anticipate the value of those books, but I am very grateful for his wisdom and integrity now. He was a great pioneer for me and you all here in America!  

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