Tuesday, November 1, 2016

COME HOME NOW - 9/18/2016

Eventful week.
So I'll start with last thursday.
There are four of us elders in our apartment, and last Thursday, we went to the dental office at the MTC because everyone had an appointment except for me. All was well, just some normal fillings and such, but then one of the Elders actually got surgery and had a root removed. We thought everything was fine; he was numbed down and everything and we were all happy eating food about an hour later. Elder Macanlalay and I went out to proselyte while we left our two companions to rest and heal a bit, but then later that night we got some texts from the Elders at the house. The first text said "please buy gauze for me", then we received the "get home now. I need a blessing" text and Elder Macanlalay and I were like "Oh no." so we got home as fast as we could. When we got home, Elder Dao Ayan was sitting on his bed with a bucket under his mouth so that his saliva and blood could drip out. Haha the poor guy... he told us that the bleeding wouldn't stop, but then we received a text from the Mission Nurse saying that it was a normal thing, so we gave him a blessing to comfort him and to help stop the bleeding. He's fine now thankfully, but yeah... not fun for him and super scary for us to get a text saying "GET HOME NOW I NEED A BLESSING".

Earlier this week we also had zone meeting. Lot's of things learned and much revelation received. Oh yeah, they asked me to play violin again for  a little musical number, so that was fun.

Last Saturday was the baptism of Lauro Gabriel! He's solid. When he bore his testimony, he was saying like "There is a different feeling in this church, and when I was baptized... I felt something that is difficult to explain." and he also bore testimony of the truthfulness of the Restoration... it was a blessing to witness and hear. The spirit is working in the hearts of all people who open themselves to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And it's an amazing opportunity to witness it happen around us everyday as missionaries.

This is all I have to email right now. Currently the other elders are telling me to log out because we're out of time.
You all take care. The cold season is starting up for ya'll. Don't freeze.
Also take care with school! Don't stress too much!
-Elder Ahn

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