Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dear Elder Ahn,

Ha ha funny you ask.. actually our stove is broken so we're working on getting a new one. We eat out everyday, but here in the Philippines they have really cheap restaurants where you get a little cup of rice, some meat, and other stuff so it works out. Don't worry though, I'm not getting too chubby. :)
I'm glad that that was the discussion for your Fifth Sunday meeting. Pornography really is such a scary, disgusting, and destructive poison, and it especially strikes at the most unexpected times on the youth, so I'm glad they were able to hear that. I remember attending a fireside at BYU where they talked about 75% of all young men have a problem with pornography. I don't know how legitimate that statistic was... but it sounded legit to me. Haha! Anyway, no sin, addiction, or stumbling block is impossible through the sincere repentance and the Atonement. I definitely have experienced my fair share of the long and hard healing process of repentance... But just like so many have so beautifully testified, Repentance is not a burden, rather it is Our Heavenly Father's invitation to us to return to him and become happy and clean. :)
Glad to hear another new Elder being added to God's Army. :) GO TANNER.
Tell the family and IanTai that I miss you all too. :) I'm doing alright! I'm honestly more happy than I've been in my entire life. Out there in the world, there are so many different things to worry about, but here in the mission, I get to fully focus all my attention outward and while doing so, I have the chance to obtain a firm testimony and strong relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. The more we lose ourselves, the more we find ourselves. :)

As for the package... If it is possible that the package will get here before December, could you send over my shoulder rest? the one that I always used? I'm playing lots of violin for the Christmas choir. Oh yea! I have a vocal solo and a violin solo. I hope you're proud of me. :)
What else.... Um nothing else comes to mind. Everything I need, I can get it here. And I can get it all RELATIVELY CHEAP. So yeah... just send me goofy stuff and some more fun pictures that will make me feel happy and make me smile when I look at it. :) BE CREATIVE!
But let me know, when are you sending it??
Thanks a bunch! Love you!

-Elder Ahn

Dear Elder Ahn,

i hope you had a great week. Hopefully you are all caught up and done with cleaning? 

Bigger area to cover means more traveling? I hope people in that area are receptive as well. I send my prayer especially for the man with 3 children who has lost his wife. I hope he and his children will have chance to accept the gospel. Are the children minors? It's sad to lose a mom/wife either way. 

I pray for the sparkle, nice lady too. The Japanese person should take discussions from you guys as well, in English ofcourse! :)

Do you eat out often? Do you guys cook? Are you eating healthy? Can you afford to eat out often and not break the budget? Just curious.

Being the fifth Sunday, we had a special combined meeting the 2nd and 3rd hour with everyone 12 yrs and older. A family physician with masters degree in counseling, Dr. Sundwall gave a presentation on "Tsunami". He used allegory of Japan's/Indonesia's Tsunami to addiction, esp porn. Tsunami js a scary thing, but in Indonesia, an old man who lived through and had experience with the signs of Tsunami, when he saw the water rise then recede, warned 200 people to run to the higher ground and Not One soul lost life. But in Japan, many lost lives, the Tsunami takes out everything so quickly, even miles away. I hope and pray people you associate withd do not have addiction issues, if si twach them there is atonement and they should speedily repent focus on good and worthwhile things. "Sow a Thought, Reap an Act, Sow an Act Reap a Habit, Sow a Habit, Reap..." This could either for pos or neg behavior!  He also shared  DC 121:45.

Today Tanner Klein came and gave his farewell at our ward and he did an awesome job! He is going to Frankfurt Germany mission. He spoke of friends who went camping together. All pitched the tesnt and staked it down. Then all decided they wanted some smores, and all went to gather some wood to srart the fire. Then one screams, one runs over and sees a friend bitten by a rattle snake, a friend runs and grabs his anti vanom kit, then doubts come to his head, may be this kit is too old and it's not going to work, what is he blames me if the kit doesn't work? etc. Tanner said I'm going out there to rescue my friend who has been bitten by a poisonous snake without doubting!
Love that story!!!

I love the gospel and all it teach us!!! Be your Best this week and let the Spirit guide you to those who are seeking the truth!!! 

Take care and you are always in our prayers!!! Iantai just said how much he miss you!!! So do we, but proud that you are serving the Lord!!!

Love Umma

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