Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rambutan and More Baha

So first.... check out that picture down below. See that spiky thing? It's this awesome little fruit called rambutan and it's super yummy.
Oh yeah and it's still raining a lot. Woot!

So let's start with... Adrea Rodriguez. So she's awesome. She's so ready and willing to accept the Gospel, to read the Book of Mormon, and to enter the waters of baptism. She's awesome. Her cousin, who is a member, was telling us "yeah ever since you guys started teaching her, she doesn't drink or go to bars and do all that stuff anymore". It's so amazing to see the light in her eyes and her hunger to learn more every time we teach her. Truly a blessing, and we're looking forward (shooting for it!) her baptism within the next few weeks! We still need to finish some of the lessons.

Another tender mercy: Last saturday we went from appointment to appointment and no one was there or they were "busy" and it was raining really hard... so needless to say it was a little discouraging, so while walking I said a silent prayer and asked Heavenly Father "Please guide us to someone who will be interested to hear what we have to offer" and literally 30 seconds later, we met some person named Jam who was very kind and seemed interested to hear our message! We scheduled to visit them a different day, and even if they don't end up progressing, I know that Heavenly Father was just trying to let me know that my prayers, or all our prayers, are not wasted or in vain. He listens and will respond according to His time. So that was awesome.

Ahhh a lot happened this week. Zone Meeting... Stake conference... But yeah, it was all a joy. :)
I love this work and I love Heavenly Father and I love our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ.

This is it for now!
So enjoy some more pictures because it's been a long time since I've sent pictures.

Mahal ko kayo!

-Elder Ahn

-Spider Fighting because... yeah I don't know. Spider Fighting.
-One of the members that works with us likes to take pictures of us while proselyting. Enjoys these beauties.

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