Tuesday, November 1, 2016

SO MUCH UTAH. - 10/10/2016

HA! So remember how I'm finishing the training of Elder Petersen!? So yeah, he's totally from Utah... then another missionary that we live with (Elder Parker, Zone Leader) is totally from Utah too! Then there is Elder Lindaya who is from the Philippines.... but he's super super kind and really awesome so all is well there.
But yeah. A lot of Utah in this house.
So first off.... the new house. The pipe under the sink is broken so we drain water into a bucket, then dump that in the toilet when it gets too full.
Then apparently before I got there, they totally caught like 9 mice in less than 24 hours, so there's that as well.
Aaaaand lastly our apartment has a reputation for being super infested with cockroaches. And no matter how many time we call pest control, nothing really has effect.
BUT OTHER THAN THAT Life is grand. We're having so much fun and the area is really fun! Actually, our area is massive. so we walk ALOT.. but I'm fine with that cuz I'm burnin' the fats.

So this week..... the only thing that stands out to me was CONFERENCE. It's so good to hear from our beloved Prophet and from the other chosen leaders of the church. Did I receive answers to questions? Yes. Did I receive personal revelation? yes. And I hope all of you did as well.
One of my favorite talks was by Elder Cornish, as he shared about us being good enough. I believe this is so applicable to all people of this generation because we are so prone to compare ourselves with others, but as we truly remember that it only matters what God thinks, we can find peace and the assurance that "we are good enough" and "we can make to back to God's presence".
Also..... did anyone notice how A LOT of the talks were focused on "missionary work"? And also how A LOT of the talks were focused on "The Book of Mormon"? No coincidence there.

Alright, well this is my report.
I hope you are all doing well, and from the bottom of my heart and soul, I hope that if anything was learned from this last General Conference... it is to further your studies of the Book of Mormon and to read it and gain an even stronger testimony of its truth, divinity, and converting power.
I feel so much regret for disregarding the Book of Mormon before my mission, but it has now become the greatest tool of conversion for myself, and for all the people that we teach here.
Let us all Press On in the Work of the Lord.

-Elder Ahn

Me and Elder Jovita the Day before Transfers
Me and Elder Petersen
Food from a Chinese Buffet that we just ate at. I'm still dying I'm so full.

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