Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Lots of Cleaning Up

This area is a fun one. Wowie.
This area is definitely a larger area compared to some other areas, because Elder Petersen and I are the ONLY missionaries in our ward.... So everyone in the ward is under our stewardship. So while we're trying to get fully familiarized with the area, we're also cleaning up the Area book which has been a little neglected from the past and is also covered in Cockroach poop. But all is well. This wouldn't be missionary work if it didn't keep us busy. XD

Oh yeah, I totally didn't send a weekly last week. Sorry 'bout that.

So random occurence.
Yesterday during Elder's Quorum, this random guy walks in saying that he's looking for the missionaries and we're like "Hey, that's us." So we talked with him outside and he's this guy from Tokyo named Takeshi that was looking to see if we did "free English classes"... We were like "Well sir, the people here in the Philippines already learn English in there schools, so we don't have classes. But we would like to stop by and share our message with you!" And he was like "yeah alright" so that was interesting.

The other day we met this Doctor while we were eating lunch..... Named Doctor Pagala. How do I describe him. Hm. He is very content and proud of the level of worldy knowledge that he has attained throughout his life. We tried to talk with him and invite him but he gave us very uninterested and prideful responses. Needless to say, we had an interesting conversation. He was like "What is your nationality?" and I was like "I'm Korean doc." and he was like "Oh yes yes... It really shows in the eyes." Ha what a fruit cake...

Also at this same restaurant that we always eat at.... there is this SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER nice lady named Sparkle that works there. We talked to her before and she really really wants to "become Mormon" and "learn more" so earlier, when the 4 of us elders were eating, we gave her a Book of Mormon and she is going to be taught by missionaries in her area within the next few days! It just made me super happy.

What else.... we met a guy named Rolando Passi yesterday. Well actually, we talked to him 3 weeks ago and finally set an appointment with him yesterday. When we went to teach him, he was super kind and willing to listen. He told us that his wife died last April and he's raising his 3 kids and he wants to find the truth. And we were like "WELL. That's exactly what we got here! A whooole lot of truth!" So we're excited to see how that goes.

Anyway, These are some stories from the last 2ish weeks. Also, don't worry about the Typhoons and stuff here! Since we're in the city, we're pretty safe. It's actually been quite sunny the last few days.... So yeah.

Invitation this week! Watch or read the talk by Elder Devin Cornish from last General Conference. Super good.

Alright I'm out.

-Elder Ahn

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