Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Sometimes it's hard to focus on what I'm going to email because there are always 20 kids around me screaming while playing Leauge of Legends and Dota... Haha but i'll try my best right now.
First off, we've got another baptism coming up! This guy named Lauro Gabriel... he's like 60+ and has strong faith in Jesus Christ. He also has a strong belief in the Restoration of the Gospel, in Joseph Smith, and it always intrigued with what he reads in the Book of Mormon. He told us that he's been wanting to try to come to church, because the church is literally right next to his house... but he's been too shy to enter because he doesn't know anyone there. Another tender mercy that we found him, talked to him, and now he's preparing himself for baptism.

What else.
We've been doing a lot of finding this week... and man the blessing have come.  For example, we found a couple the other day, and we were like "Hey can we share our message for like 20 mintues?" and they were like "Yeah sure thing come on in!" and it turns out that they've been taught by missionaries in their province before! So we're looking forward to hopefully seeing them progress.

I guess random thing: So all my white button up shirts are super baggy, so I got them all tailored, and people have been like "Wow Elder Ahn! You got skinny!" So I guess all my white shirts made me look fat before. Hopefully I don't get too fat here because man it's easy to get fat here. #ricefordays

We taught one of our Less Active members the other day, and we shared about the Atonement, the Sacrament, and Keeping the Commandments. Elder Jovita shared that because of Jesus Christ's infinite and atoning sacrifice, the least that we can do to "pay him back" is to keep his commandments, especially by going to church. After that, the LA member cried and said that he'd never heard or thought of it like that before, and yesterday he came to church... So that was awesome. It's such a blessing seeing the power that the Atonement of Jesus Christ has on all people if they willingly accept it and His love.

This is all I have right now.
I'll send pictures next week probably.
Let's all press forward! Ingat kayo lahat!

-Elder Ahn

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